Central Park NYC Pedicabs

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Pedicabs are eco-friendly means of transportation widely used all around the globe. They were invented in Japan and become very popular in Asia, counting more than 1 million rickshaw drivers in this area alone. They first appeared in the United States in 1962 and since that time have become an easy-driven alternative to taxi cabs in small and big cities of our country. Of course, New York is not the exception.

Here, in New York, pedicabs are very popular both among locals and tourists who want to explore the beauty of the city. When we talk about such places as Central Park, it is hard to imagine it without numerous pedicabs crossing its twisting roads.

Central Park is one of the most visited landmarks in the city. It is six miles long and over a mile wide, with a lot of attractions and various events held inside. Everyone who comes to explore the New York City has to see this place. So if you are one of those visiting magnificent New York City, or you just want to take a fresh look at its beauty, pedicabs are ready to show you its best, allowing you to take amazing pictures of while driving.

You can join various Pedicab Central Park tours to see all its wonders. You can come alone or take your family or friends with you. Just note that usually pedicab can welcome two or four passengers on board. There is always an ability to choose a tour that will satisfy everyone’s requirements, allowing you to escape the long walks part of visiting this enormously huge park. Just note that there are some tips that will make you feel more comfortable while driving in a pedicab. For example, summer and fall require you to dress light if the weather is warm, to wear sunblock and comfortable shoes, while winter and spring seasons you better wear layered clothing to ensure your comfort.

Usually, pedicab tours in the Central Park last from one to two hours. Of course, you can extend your tour and include any neighborhood in Manhattan. To learn about the prices, you can contact any pedicab company in New York, such as Peter Pen Tours, Central Park Pedicab Tours, New York Pedicab Services and many others.

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